Almost every 2d game developer has faced this problem: making effects for their games. Especially if they make games with pixel art. Animating a fire bullet at 15 Frames per second can take up to 6h+. That’s where Pixel FX Designer comes in!

*Disclaimer: Most of the animations are not mine and taken from official page of the app or Twitter.

What is Pixel FX Designer?

Pixel FX Designer is a program that easily allows you to create particle effects and export them as .GIF or .PNG sprite sheet.

UI of Pixel FX Designer

Pixel FX Designer is being developed by @CodeManuPro and @DavitMasia on Twitter.

Why is it so great?

Well, It has a lot of features. I will list them here!

It is super Easy to use.

Everything is in it’s place, nothing was unclear at least for me.

I created this interesting Animation in 5 minutes

It allows you to import a custom color palette.

Color Editor tab

You can change the size of the canvas.

You can change the size of the canvas depending on your game!

You can export in both ways.

You are able to export your effects from particle renderer or from pixel renderer, depending on what you need.

Here is how the Exported Sprite Sheet looks like

You can import any reference picture.

You can import any picture in the background if you need to check how the effect would look in your project.

Davit Masia working on “Invincible” effect

You can import custom particle shapes.

This feature will allow you to create things like this:

Smoke Effect

You can draw paths.

Movement is very easy to control.

I mean, It’s probably as easy as it gets..

Movement Effect tab

And there are so much more features, that it would become boring scrolling through them. Look at some of the creations!


The Pixel FX Designer is being updated very quickly. It is currently only released on windows, but the developer is planning on doing it ( Just don’t ask him when ).

At the time, they are working on a Timeline for particles and Translation of the app in other Languages.

If you are interested in the updates for it, make sure you Follow @CodeManuPro and @DavitMasia on Twitter.

Why am I making a post for it?

I think that this application is a revolution for 2d game development and I really want more people to know about it!

Also, this tool is perfect for upcoming Ludum Dare 42!

I currently haven’t bought the application, but I am planning on buying it whenever I save up some extra money.

If you are interested in trying the application, Make sure you try out the free trial which has all of the features, but cannot export.

Download Page

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