This is my first ever devlog, so if you have noticed anything and want to tell me, comment down below. This time I will be talking about moving to Monogame framework.

Previous Engines.

A few years ago I was In the journey of discovering Game Engines. Ever since my childhood I used Gamemaker, but didn’t make anything big because I was 8 years old. Yes, an eight year old. 4 years passed and I tried Unity couple of times ( That needs another post ) and rejected it. So I kinda stood with Gamemaker, but I was constantly looking into other engines because I always thought Gamemaker is low level game engine.

I always had different ideas for a game so I started a project, never finished it, moved to another one. Rinse and repeat. Couldn’t make any of the games by myself without tutorials, so I always watched them.

This year comes by. I am still looking into different engines, Godot was released, but I didn’t like it very much. Global Game Jam comes around and I am looking for a team way too late. A day before the jam. Also, I am taking a Pixel Artist role. I go to the Jam site, 100 people and everyone has at least one person in a team, even my friend found a team member which did programming and I am sitting there in panic mode because I understand that the event I have been waiting for is screwed.

Then I remember that I have Gamemaker studio 2. Installed it and got jamming hard, without even noticing that I don’t need tutorials anymore. Just checked basic methods in the documentation. Won 4th place. Would’ve been 2nd If I voted for myself, but there was a great Pixelart tetris game, but nevermind.

The game is called NASA Transmit.

From that time I used GMS2.

Getting to know MonoGame

Few months back I discovered a tool called MonoGame when I saw Shane from GreyGames use it on one of his projects. I looked it up and what caught my eye was that games like StardewValley and Celeste were made using it. At that time I didn’t what is a framework.

I downloaded it and tried it out. I was stoked about it until I saw how many additional lines I needed to write and the pipeline tool as pretty new to me. I have tried watching tutorial series and creating games by what the person said, but didn’t like what I was doing. Probably the tutor was really bad.

Why I went back to it?

During Ludum Dare 41 I made a game called “Just In Time” using GMS2 and faced a lot of dumb glitches like collisions randomly bumping down when touching floor and 1 pixel offset in collision on Mac and on windows Collisions are perfect, but you get stuck in a block.. whatever. Basically, the same code worked differently of different OS. And I don’t like when strange stuff works without me knowing.

Then I thought “I like C#, I like making games, I don’t like unity. MonoGame!” So a month ago I purchased a great course on Udemy which taught me way more than that Youtube video. Right now I am Halfway through the course because there was a glitch in the pipeline which didn’t allow me to follow my course properly. Click here to see the course

Also, I noticed that GML ( Game maker Language ) is pretty similar to C# and I have used it previously, so it isn’t super hard to move.


I will still use Gamemaker for GameJams because it’s way faster to prototype. When I will learn MonoGame at least a bit, I will consider developing bigger projects on it.

Should you move from a Game Engine to Framework like Monogame, Löve2d or LibGDX? That’s depending if you want freedom, but take a longer time or you want to make Games quickly but be a bit more restricted.

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  1. I’ll try this too! I do not like Unity, but I love C#. Godot was my previous engine but I do not like it so much.

  2. Nice write-up! Glad you decided to pick up MonoGame, it’s pretty great! Also, thanks for the shout-out to the Udemy course 😉

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