Ludum dare 42 will be my 2nd Ludum Dare Game Jam and 4th Game Jam overall. This time I plan to do some things differently.

Tools I am going to use

Game Engine:

GameMaker Studio 2. Still not monogame this time. I still lack skills in it.


Aseprite for Pixel Art.


Sunvox or Garage Band or Bosca Ceoil.

Project Management:


Publishing the game:


This time I am planning on sharing my progress on Twitter and Instagram constantly. Also I will try to make a blog post at the end of the day. That is to keep track of my progress.

I will also be shooting a timelapse of the whole GameJam, because that may be interesting for some people!

If you are interested in the game I will be making, make sure you follow me on my social media!

Twitter, Instagram, Ludum Dare page.

I would also love to finish game without bugs for the Compo Jam, but that’s likely not going to happen..

Game made during Ludum Dare 41

If you are attending to Ludum Dare 42, Make sure to comment where to follow you and the tools you will be using!

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