Today, I started by waiting until the Ludum Dare 42 theme was released. I hardly waited until 1AM and saw the theme. I didn’t like it at first, but I quite enjoy it now. Tried to think of a game idea, but passed out and slept until the morning.

Today, I started my day with swimming, so total hours lost: 12.. It’s pretty bad, because I am doing the Compo version which is 48h. At least I was trying out UI stuff earlier. It wasn’t hard to start.

So now it’s been another 12h, what’s my progress?

SNES Style

I decided to go with SNES art style during the making process.

Don’t mind the power button. It will be changed.

UI and Snapping

This is an old Gif. Now I have More stages and Room transitions. My recording app broke.

This is also not the newest one, but it shows the UI animation

Whole Gameplay

Gameplay is also done. I will add polishing touches and score with game over reason tomorrow.

What’s Left?

Assets, Assets, uhmm, Assets and more assets.

Also, a little bit of programming.

Sorry for such a low Quality post. I am super tired. Good Night!

If you want to read about my tools and plans for this Game Jam, PRESS HERE.

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