It’s been a long tine since the last devlog. I have been mainly too lazy and procrastinated way too much. This website is kind of dead now to be honest.. Every time I want to write about something, I think “I will do it next time”. That’s how 5 months went by and I haven’t updated this site since. I Will try to talk more about the stuff in between the last devlog, my experience with MonoGame and the future.

New Game

Don’t know where to start to be honest. I dropped the idea of learning MonoGame because I didn’t get much stuff at the time and thought of making a Procedurally Generated 2D Sandbox game. I tried then doing a regular platformer in MonoGame and I was stuck with collisions. Yup. Everything seemed to work out and I tried doing them myself, but then after 10 failed attempts I decided that it’s too hard for me at the moment. Also, I couldn’t think of Tile Map collision system.. Dumb me 5 months ago.

My idea was to make a game in my abilities. That was an Zelda-like Action-Adventure top-down game with puzzle elements. Basically something like Zelda: Minish cap (Play it, it’s very good). I thought that this should be pretty easy to do and it would be fully possible to produce it quickly. But then, my Engine Anxiety came. Yup. That’s right. Basically, I couldn’t decide on which engine / Framework to use. I even thought of making the game 3D. My choices were:

  • GameMaker Studio 2
  • MonoGame
  • LibGDX
  • Godot
  • SDL / SFML
  • UNITY (Y’all know I hated unity)
  • Unreal Engine

I canceled some of them:

  • GameMaker Studio 2
  • MonoGame (Too hard at the time)
  • LibGDX (No console support)
  • Godot
  • SDL / SFML (Way too hard)
  • UNITY (Y’all know I hated unity)
  • Unreal Engine (Didn’t like it for some reason)

Tried most of them. I learned Godot to a level, where I could pretty freely write code. I made a lot if stuff, experimented with it and pretty much settled to Godot. But then, for some minor details, I decided not to use Godot (I didn’t like something, but it was very minor). I even learned Unity even though, I hated it, but now, that I understand most of the stuff, it’s nice to be honest. I liked it. But I decided not to use 3D (Still learned some of it just to be sure).

Why can’t I decide

Then, My only choice, the engine I was most comfortable with – GameMaker Studio 2. I know how to do pretty much most of the things I want for that game in it and I almost don’t need any tutorials for it. I was Writing my ideas for the game and then bam. MonoGame came to my mind. I just can’t let it go for some reason. I feel like it’s made for me, because I love C# and using it to make games with pretty much everything custom is mind blowing. And I Couldn’t decide on what to use. If I would’ve stayed with Godot, The game would have most of the core mechanics done. But nope, I did nothing and tried to decide on engine. But in the meantime I didn’t Draw concept art, design the game or anything. Pixelart overall has been gone from my life too. So basically, I was anxious, because I did nothing about GameDev, and the anxiety was strong because I felt “Unproductive”.

So now I thought. If I use GameMaker, Now I will be happy, in the future I will hate myself. If I use Monogame, I will hate myself now and thank in the future

Final Decision

Now I finally decided, that for a shuch long term project, I will use MonoGame and grind until I learn it normally. It will take longer, but I think it’s better to produce stable game, than buggy one quickly. Currently, I am learning C# In-Depth and Monogame with text tutorials.

Also, I have learned more traditional art. I have joined an Art School and experimented with drawing humans. Currently, I am learning more Digital art, because I will need to draw Concept art for my game!

So that was my progress since the last DevLog. It’s not that huge, but I finally decided on the engine, so that’s a plus. Hope you enjoyed reding my progress! Until the next Devlog.

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